Integrated hosting with amazing capabilities to ensure continuity and speed ..

Get now offers a special hosting from Wondtech We work to provide the best development services and protection of servers in order to get the client a distinctive service without interruption


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12$/Per Year

Shared Hosting

Hosting more than one website on one server and publish it

Reseller Hosting

For those looking to set up their own hosting company to provide web hosting services

VPS Server

Shared server with full features between Reseller hosting and Dedicated servers

Dedicated Server

It is a computer with high capabilities and high speed Internet connection



Integrated backup that provides complete protection of files from loss in the event of disasters, through the process of full synchronization of files and a quick transfer process provides easy the possibility of having more than 100 recovery points for backups on the server.

UP Time to 99.99%‬‬

Servers that support shared hosting plans work without interruption by up to 99% unless they are 100%, You can also see the reports and status of the servers on the network by reaching with the technical support service of the site and provide you with very distinctive plans.

High Efficiency and Speed

The main center of all transactions between the customer and between the service Five Guarantee reply in less than 24 hours, Guarantee to respond to technical support tickets within 15 minutes, integrated payment system, to view the bills paid and outstanding for all services that you purchased.

The Best Data Centers in the World

Enjoy the creation and work on an unlimited number of databases as you can merge between several databases at the same time without getting errors resulting from linking databases where we have a very special team working on high efficiency to avoid all errors expected.

Cloud linux Servers

We offer all our services on linux cloud servers to ensure maximum protection for you and the continuity of your site on the Internet where we provide you with great protection of the site using those servers and we are working to provide new ways to ensure the full security of your site at any time.

Full Protection

We offer special integrated protection services to maintain the stability of your site from hacking operations so do not worry we use very powerful servers help you stay on the Internet without fear of anything where we use on the servers known Linux linux cloud.

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