Provides all e-marketing services on all different marketing channels ..

WondTech offers all e-marketing services on all different marketing channels such as: E-marketing on social networks Social media E-marketing through search engine optimization SEO E-mail marketing through e-mail marketing On Facebook marketing through advertising campaigns on Google marketing through WhatsApp marketing through SMS

Study the Project

We do a special study by a specialized team for your project or your product and make an e-marketing plan necessary to suit your project or with the size of your product and with the size of the expenses you spend on it entirely and with the size of success required to reach.

Choose the Appropriate Domain

We choose the best channel for your project to market your project whether it is a website configured and the work of advertising campaigns for him or through social networking pages and is coordinated with the Department of Web Design to choose the appropriate format for the site and configured for marketing.

Targeting and Competitors

We target the best keywords suitable for the site that bring you visitors and profits because we follow modern strategies in the creation of sites, which makes you profit from your site in the best ways, and study and analyze the strengths and weaknesses in the target market.

Budget and Expected Results

Determine the approximate budget for the success of the project during the first months of the implementation of the marketing campaign and determine the expected results.

Looking Forward to Future Development

Develop a distinctive plan to illustrate how to develop the project in the future in stages to start with the lowest possible costs.

Follow up on Campaign Reports

Write the appropriate report according to the budget available to you, and send reports to follow up campaigns and check on their success.

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