SMS Gateway

WondTech offers integrated solutions for the operation of SMS ..

You do not need to develop a lot of software to activate the SMS service in your system or your site or your e-store and some administrative and accounting software, we provide you with a lot of add-ons that enable you to run SMS

Control Panel in Several Languages

Choose your preferred language to manage your account in our system, multiple languages.

Create unlimited Groups

Organize and manage phone numbers by creating unlimited master and sub-groups.

Group Messages

Send your customers with the push of a button anytime, from anywhere.

Scheduled Messages

Ideal for effective reminders, appointments, occasions or periodic invoices, you can adjust the settings by day, date, hour, minute and second.

Easy Settings

Our flexible system relies on very easy settings, you wont need help.

Multiple Gates

Intelligent 24-core servers for multiple gateways help you send millions of messages at once.

Import and Export Numbers

In a matter of seconds, import all contacts from any software or device with duplicate and incorrect deletion, with the possibility of exporting them at any time.


Connect all your systems with the transmission gateway and enjoy fast delivery and competitive price, compatible with all programming languages.

Technical Support

Professional technical support 24/7.

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