Information Security

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The biggest challenge that threatens the success of websites and applications as well as the new generation systems cloud and electronic gateways and installations is the level of security and how free of security gaps and how to withstand the risks and cyber attacks diverse and we here in Windtech recognize this importance but are among our priorities.

  • IT Security Services
  • Information Security Management
  • Gap surveying and reporting services
  • Assess and manage Vulnerabilities
  • Protection and management of networks
  • Registry management and data protection services
  • Systems Protection
  • Security programming
  • Risk Management
  • Information Assurance IA
  • Internet Security Service
  • Safe Device Management Service
  • Service to detect and prevent hack attempts
  • Firewall management service
  • Penetration Testing Services
  • IT Security Roadmap Services
  • Examine vulnerabilities and identify security problems
  • Encryption
  • Information Security Awareness Department
  • Follow-up actions and monitor security abuses
  • Anti - virus and fast dealing with all types of viruses
  • Information security training courses

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